Alien vs. Predator Event


The Hunt Is On!

Chaos Gaming’s Ark server is getting invaded by Hollywood’s decades-old slayer of Aliens, Predator, starting today at 7 PM EST. And you thought the politics of the game were complicated already.

The Predator hunter will be part of a special event where players will spawn as Predators and fight to survive the onslaught of aliens and eventually take down the last remaining Predator in the SkyDome.

Winners will be receiving prizes for other live servers as well as points to spend in the shop!

No requirements! 

Join in, grab your Predator gear from the vaults and take to the sky to take part in an epic Alien vs Predator battle!

For additional details about this event please join us in our discord!

Server Title: [Event]Chaos Gaming BattleRoyale AliensvsPredator

Server Map: The Island

Server IP: ✮ Query Port: 27090

Connect via Steam: steam://connect/

Mod Collection:

Discord: Chaos Gaming



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