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Ark Shop Master List of Commands

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  -Please make sure you are dismounted when you purchase anything.
  -Please Only Use These Commands When You Are Safe In Your Base. Some Kits Can Weigh A Lot
  -Refunds will not be given for purchasing anything not on your servers’ mod list.
  -Please DM the Admin Mail bot on Discord if you have any store issues.
  -All Ascendant quality items are random, meaning you may get a bad roll.
  -All store dinos are neutered.
  -Prime VIP players get two (2) shop dino restores per month total.
  -Premier VIP players get three (3) shop dino restores per month total.


Kits & Vanilla Resources:

Kits have a limited number of uses and some can be repurchased. Use the following commands to acquire them. If you are attempting to repurchase you first have to use the following command:
/buykit <kitname> <numerical amount>
/buykit starter 1

Then you may use the kit command listed below.


▬ KITS ▬
(Free To ALL Players)


Starter Kit: /kit starter
   (1 free use, 5k point rebuy)
   -Full set of Flak Armor,  5x Soul Traps, Awesome Spyglass, & Dino Tracker


Starter Dino Kit: /kit starterdino
   (2 free use, no rebuy)
-[PrimalFear] Level 100 Alpha Trike with saddle

-[ExtinctionCore] Level 100 Alpha Trike with saddle

Tool Kit: /kit tools
   (2 free uses, 500 point rebuy)
   -Metal Hatchet, Pick, & Sickle


Fuel Kit: /kit fuel
   (1 free use, no rebuy)
   -100x Propellant, 100x Gasoline, & 25x Element



(VIP Tier 0, 1, & 2 ACCESS ONLY)


Basic VIP Gear Kit: /kit basicvipgear
   (1 free use, 12k point rebuy)
   -50x Cooked Meat Jerky, Canteen, GPS, Full set of Apprentice Riot Gear, Apprentice Fabricated Pistol, 1000x Fabricated Pistol Ammo, Apprentice Pump Shotgun, 1000x Shotgun Ammo, Awesome Teleporter Remote, Awesome Teleporter Pad, 5x Awesome Teleporter Dino Trackers, 50x Soul Traps, Soul Gun, & Soul Terminal


Basic VIP Dino Kit: /kit basicvipdino
   (1 free use, 3k point rebuy)
   -[PrimalFear] Lvl 100 Alpha Griffin with saddle
   -[ExtinctionCore] WIP


(VIP Tier 1 & 2 ACCESS ONLY)


Prime VIP Gear Kit: /kit vipgear
   (1 free use, 12k point rebuy)
   -100x Cooked Meat Jerky, Canteen, GPS, Full set of Ascendant Riot Gear, Ascendant Fabricated Pistol, 1000x Fabricated Pistol Ammo, Ascendant Pump Shotgun, 1000x Shotgun Ammo, Awesome Teleporter Remote, Awesome Teleporter Pad, 20x Awesome Teleporter Dino Trackers, 100x Soul Traps, Soul Gun, & Soul Terminal


Prime VIP Hut Kit: /kit viphut
   (1 free use, 1k point rebuy)
   -S+ Crafting Station, 9x Stone Foundations, 23x Stone Walls, 9x Stone Ceilings, Stone Double Doorframe, & Reinforced Double Door


Prime VIP Dino Kit: /kit vipdino
   (1 free use, 3k point rebuy)
   -[PrimalFear] Lvl 200 Alpha Griffin with saddle
   -[ExtinctionCore] Lvl 200 Alpha Griffin


Prime VIP Skins Kit: /kit vipskins
(3 free uses, 2.5k point rebuy)

-1 set of EVERY skin, hat, mask, and hairstyle available in vanilla ARK. (a total of 82 items)






Premier VIP Gear Kit: /kit vip2gear
   (1 free use, 17k point rebuy)
   -Full set of Ascendant Tek Armor, Ascendant Tek Sword, Ascendant Tek Shield, Ascendant Tek Rifle (not Railgun), Full set of Ascendant Riot Gear, Ascendant Sword, Ascendant Riot Shield, Ascendant Long Neck Rifle, 20x additional Awesome Teleporter Dino Trackers, & 1000x Element

(NOTE: You will not be able to use or wear the Tek gear until you unlock it from progression)


Premier VIP Hut Kit: /kit vip2hut
   (1 free use, no rebuy)
   (This kit weighs ~875. Be prepared)
   -S+ Tek Trough, S+ Tek Generator, S+ Tek Bridge, S+ Tek Incinerator, S+ Tek Dyeria, S+ Vivarium, S+ Tek Stove, S+ Repair Station, S+ Tek Laboratory, S+ Cooking Pot, S+ Tek Sleeping Pod, S+ Tek Fridge, S+ Tek Force-field, 10x Dedicated Storage, 9x Tek Foundations, 23x Tek Walls, 9x Tek Ceilings, Tek Double Door Frame, & Tek Double Door


Premier VIP Dino Kit: /kit vip2dino
   (1 free use, 8k point rebuy)
   -[PrimalFear] Level 500 Apex Phoenix & Apex Deinonychus with saddle
   -[ExtinctionCore] Lvl 630 Phoenix & Alpha Fire Wyvern with Ascendant saddle



  Absorbent Substrate x500 - (500 pts) /buy absubstrate
  Ammonite Bile x500 - (500 pts) /buy ammonitebile
  Angler Gel x5k - (500 pts) /buy anglergel
  Black Pearl x5k - (500 pts) /buy bpearl
  BioToxin x5k - (500 pts) /buy biotoxin
  Cementing Paste x5k - (500 pts) /buy cementpaste
  Charcoal x5k - (500 pts) /buy charcoal
  Chitin x5k - (500 pts) /buy chitin
  Clay x5k - (500 pts) /buy clay
  Crystal x5k - (500pts) /buy crystal
  Deathworm Horn x50 - (500 pts) /buy wormhorn
  Fiber x5k - (500 pts) /buy fiber
  Flint x5k - (500 pts) /buy flint
  Fungal Wood x5k - (500 pts) /buy fungalwood
  Gem, Blue x5k - (500 pts) /buy bluegem
  Gem, Green x5k - (500 pts) /buy greengem
  Gem, Red x5k - (500 pts) /buy redgem
  Hide x5k - (500 pts) /buy hide
  Keratin x5k - (500pts) /buy keratin
  Leech Blood x500 - (500 pts) /buy leechblood
  Metal x5k - (500 pts) /buy metal
  Metal Ingot x5k - (750 pts) /buy metalingot
  Obsidian x5k - (750 pts) /buy obsidian
  Oil x5k - (500 pts) /buy oil
  Pelt x5k - (500 pts) /buy pelt
  Rare Flower x500 - (500 pts) /buy rareflower
  Rare Mushroom x500 - (500 pts) /buy raremushroom
  Raw Salt x5k - (500 pts) /buy salt
  Sap x5k - (500 pts) /buy sap
  Sap, Blue x5k - (500 pts) /buy bluesap
  Sap, Red x5k - (500 pts) /buy redsap
  Silica Pearl x5k - (500 pts) /buy spearl
  Silk x5k - (500 pts) /buy silk
  Stone x5k - (500 pts) /buy stone
  Sulfur x5k - (500 pts) /buy sulfur
  Thatch x5k - (500 pts) /buy thatch
  Wood x5k - (500 pts) /buy wood
  Woolly Rhino Horn - (500 pts) /buy woollyhorn



Amarberry Seed x50 - (50 pts) /buy amarseed
  Azulberry Seed x50 - (50 pts) /buy azulseed
  Citronal Seed x50 - (50 pts) /buy citroseed
  Longrass Seed x50 - (50 pts) /buy longseed
  Mejoberry Seed x50 - (50 pts) /buy mejoseed
  Narcoberry Seed x50 - (50 pts) /buy narcoseed
  Rockarrot Seed x50 - (50 pts) /buy rockseed
  Savoroot Seed x50 - (50 pts) /buy savoseed
  Stimberry Seed x50 - (50 pts) /buy stimseed
  Tintoberry Seed x50 - (50 pts) /buy tintoseed

  Amarberry x5k - (500 pts) /buy amarberry
  Azulberry x5k - (500 pts) /buy azulberry
  Citronal x500 - (500 pts) /buy citronal
  Longrass x500 - (500 pts) /buy longrass
  Mejoberry x5k - (500 pts) /buy mejoberry
  Narcoberry x5k - (500 pts) /buy narcoberry
  Rockarrot x500 - (500 pts) /buy rockarrot
  Savoroot x500 - (500 pts) /buy savoroot
  Stimberry x5k - (500 pts) /buy stimberry
  Tintoberry x5k - (500 pts) /buy tintoberry

  Plant Species X Seed x25 - (100 pts) /buy xseed
  Plant Species Y Seed x25 - (100 pts) /buy yseed
  Plant Species Z Seed x25 - (100 pts) /buy zseed



  Electronics x5k - (500pts) /buy electronics
  Element x1k - (2k pts) /buy element1k
  Element x5k - (7.5k pts) /buy element5k
  Gasoline x5k - (500 pts) /buy gas
  Gunpowder x5k - (500 pts) /buy gunpowder
  Narcotic x5k - (500 pts) /buy narcotic
  Polymer x5k - (500pts) /buy polymer
  Sparkpowder x5k - (500 pts) /buy spark
  Stimulant x5k - (500 pts) /buy stim



Allosaurus Brain x10 - (500 pts) /buy allobrain
  Argentavis Talon x10 - (500 pts) /buy argytalon
  Basilosaurus Blubber x10 - (500 pts) /buy basilblubber
  Giganotosaurus Heart x10 - (500 pts) /buy gigaheart
  Megalania Toxin x10 - (500 pts) /buy megatoxin
  Megalodon Tooth x40 - (500 pts) /buy megatooth
  Sarcosuchus Skin x10 - (500 pts) /buy sarcoskin
  Sauropod Vertebra x10 - (500 pts) /buy saurovert
  Spinosaurus Sail x10 - (500 pts) /buy spinosail
  Therizino Claws x10 - (500 pts) /buy thericlaws
  Thylacoleo Hook-Claw x10 - (500 pts) /buy thylaclaw
  Titanoboa Venom x10 - (500 pts) /buy titanvenom
  Tusoteuthis Tentacle x10 - (500 pts) /buy tusotentacle
  Tyrannosaurus Arm x20 - (500 pts) /buy rexarm
  Yutyrannus Lungs x10 - (500 pts) /buy yutylungs

  Alpha Carnotaurus Arm x5 - (500 pts) /buy acarnoarm
  Alpha Leedsichthys Blubber x5 - (500 pts) /buy aleedblubber
  Alpha Megalodon Fin x5 - (500 pts) /buy amegafin
  Alpha Mosasaur Tooth x5 - (500 pts) /buy amosatooth
  Alpha Raptor Claw x5 - (500 pts) /buy araptorclaw
  Alpha Tusoteuthis Eye x5 - (500 pts) /buy atusoeye
  Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth x5 - (500 pts) /buy arextooth

  Fire Talon x10 - (500 pts) /buy firetalon
  Lightning Talon x10 - (500 pts) /buy lighttalon
  Poison Talon x10 - (500 pts) /buy poisontalon

  Basilisk Scale x10 - (500 pts) /buy basilscale
  Nameless Venom x10 - (500 pts) /buy namevenom
  Reaper Pheromone Gland x45 - (500 pts) /buy reapergland
  Rock Drake Feather x10 - (500 pts)
/buy rockfeather
  Alpha Basilisk Fang x5 - (500 pts) /buy abasilfang
  Alpha Karkinos Claw x5 - (500 pts) /buy akarkclaw
  Alpha Reaper King Barb x5 - (500 pts) /buy areaperbarb

  Corrupt Heart x25 - (500 pts) /buy corruptheart
  Gasbags Bladder x10 - (500 pts) /buy gasbladder



Brute - (1k pts) /buy brute
  Clever - (1k pts) /buy clever
  Cunning - (1k pts) /buy cunning
  Devious - (1k pts) /buy devious
  Devourer - (1k pts) /buy devourer
  Hunter - (1k pts) /buy hunter
  Immune - (1k pts) /buy immune
  Massive - (1k pts) /buy massive
  Pack - (1k pts) /buy pack
  Skylord - (1k pts) /buy skylord
  Strong - (1k pts) /buy strong

  Crag - (1k pts) /buy crag
  Destroyer - (1k pts) /buy destroyer
  Gatekeeper - (1k pts) /buy gatekeeper

  Depths - (1k pts) /buy depths
  Shadows - (1k pts) /buy shadows
  Stalker - (1k pts) /buy stalker

  Chaos - (1k pts) /buy chaos
  Growth - (1k pts) /buy growth
  Void - (1k pts) /buy void

Item Kits, Gear, & Modded Items



[Extinction Core]
  Herbivore Treat x1: (EXPIRES 40 Minutes After Purchase, 5k pts) /buy herbtreat
Carnivore Treat x1: (EXPIRES 40 Minutes After Purchase, 5k pts) /buy carnotreat


[Primal Fear]
  25x Caustic Feathers (2k pts): /buy causticfeat25
  100x Caustic Feathers (5k pts): /buy causticfeat100

  25x Electric Feathers (2k pts): /buy electricfeat25
  100x Electric Feathers (5k pts): /buy electricfeat100

  25x Fire Feathers (2k pts): /buy firefeat25
100x Fire Feathers (5k pts): /buy firefeat100

  25x Ice Feathers (2k pts): /buy icefeat25
 100x Ice Feathers (5k pts): /buy icefeat100

25x EACH OF ALL Feathers (5k pts): /buy allfeat25
100x EACH OF ALL Feathers (10k pts): /buy allfeat100

100x Toxic Blood (500 pts): /buy toxicblood100
250x Toxic Blood (1k pts): /buy toxicblood250

100x Alpha Blood (1k pts): /buy alphablood100
250x Alpha Blood (2k pts): /buy alphablood250

100x Apex Blood (1.5k pts): /buy apexblood100
250x Apex Blood (3k pts): /buy apexblood250

100x Fabled Blood (1750 pts): /buy fabledblood100
250x Fabled Blood (3.5k pts): /buy fabledblood250

100x Primal Blood (2k pts): /buy primalblood100
250x Primal Blood (4k pts): /buy primalblood250





Metal Hut Kit: (1k pts) /buy metalhut
   -S+ Crafting Station, S+ Forge, S+ Smithy, Metal Box, 9x Metal Foundations, 23x Metal Walls, 9x Metal Ceilings, Metal Double Doorframe, & Metal Double Door




[Structures Plus]
  Dedicated Storage Pack: (1.5k pts)
/buy dedstoragepack
    - 1x Dedicated Storage Intake & 1x Dedicated Storage


[Dino Storage v2]
  Dino Storage Pack: (1k pts)
/buy dinostoragepack
    -Dino Soul Gun, Soul Terminal, & 25x Soul Traps




Mind Wipe Potion - (100 pts) /buy mindwipe
  Broth of Enlightenment - (2k pts) /buy enlightenment
  Note Blueprint - (50 pts) /buy note
    -Note Blueprint is only in store because engram is broken



[Awesome Teleporters]
  Awesome Teleporter Dino Trackers x10 - (10k pts)
/buy teleportertrax

[Structures Plus]
  Dedicated Storage x1 - (1k pts)
/buy dedstorage
  S+ Transmitter - (25k pts) /buy s+transmitter
  S+ Tek Replicator - (10k pts) /buy s+replicator


[Dino Mindwipe]
  Box of Forgetmeskills - (500 pts)
/buy forgetmeskills


[Dino Colourizer!]
  Dino Colourizer - (5k pts)
/but dinocolor


[Spawnable Floating Islands]
  Admin Floating Island - (10k pts)
/buy floatingisland


[Primal Fear]
  Ascendant Primal Sniper - (5k pts)
/buy primalsnipe


Dinos, Saddles, & Kibble


▬Server Dino Levels ▬
Store dinos have ~10% lvl boost over a perfectly tamed wild dino
[Dino:Wyvern lvl ratio 1:1.26666]


(Will be narcotics, stimulant, etc)


[Baby Premium Care]
  Premium Care Kibble - (500 pts) 
/buy premiumkibble
  Premium Care Milk - (500 pts) /buy premiummilk


[Froggy Mac Kibble Bench]
  FMK Grow Up Paster - (500 pts) 
/buy growuppaste


[Primal Fear]
  Tame Helper Pack - (3k pts)
/buy tamehelpers
    -50x Helper x10, 30x Helper x20, 10x Helper x50 

Elemental Kibble x3 - (1k pts) /buy elementalkib
  Celestial Kibble - (2.5k pts) /buy celestialkib
  Demonic Kibble - (2.5k pts) /buy demonickib



Achatina - (1k pts) /buy achatina
  Allosaurus - (500 pts) /buy allo
  Ankylosaurus - (500 pts) /buy anky
  Argentavis - (750 pts) /buy argy
  Basilisk - (2k pts) /buy basilisk
  Bulbdog - (500 pts) /buy bulbdog
  Direbear - (500 pts) /buy direbear
  Direwolf - (500 pts) /buy direwolf
  Doedicurus - (500 pts) /buy doed
  Featherlight - (500 pts) /buy featherlight
  Griffin - (2k pts) /buy griffin
  Karkinos - (2.5k pts) /buy karkinos
  Mantis - (2k pts) /buy mantis
  Megaloceros - (2k pts) /buy megalo
  Otter - (500 pts) /buy otter
  Ovis - (100 pts) /buy ovis
  Phoenix - (2.5k pts) /buy phoenix
  Pteranodon - (500 pts) /buy ptera
  Quetzalcoatlus - (2.5k pts) /buy quetz
  Ravager - (2.5k pts) /buy ravager
  Reaper King - (5k pts) /buy reaperking
  Tyrannosaurus Rex - (5k pts) /buy rex
  Rock Drake - (2k pts) /buy rockdrake
  Shinehorn - (1k pts) /buy shinehorn
  Spinosaurus - (2k pts) /buy spino
  Therizinosaur - (2.5k pts) /buy theri
  Triceratops - (500 pts) /buy trike
  Fire Wyvern - (5k pts) /buy wyvernfire
  Ice Wyvern - (5k pts) /buy wyvernice
  Lightning Wyvern - (5k pts) /buy wyvernlight
  Poison Wyvern - (5k pts) /buy wyvernpois



Elder Hesperornis - (7k pts) /buy pfeldrhesp
Elder Icthyornis - (7k pts) /buy pfeldricthy
Elder Moschops - (7k pts) /buy pfeldrmoschops
Elder Otter - (7k pts) /buy pfeldrotter
Elder Phoenix - (7k pts) /buy pfeldrphoenix

Buffoon Gigantopithecus - (10k pts) /buy pfbuffgiganto
Buffoon Megatherium - (10k pts) /buy pfbuffmegath
Buffoon Mesopithecus - (10k pts) /buy pfbuffmeso
Buffoon Nameless - (10k pts) /buy pfbuffnameless

Alpha Allo - (6k pts) /buy alphaallo
Alpha Anky - (6k pts) /buy alphaanky
Alpha Argent - (6k pts) /buy pfalphaargy
Alpha Arthropluera - (6k pts) /buy alphaarthro
Alpha Baryonyx - (6k pts) /buy alphabary
Alpha Beaver - (6k pts) /buy alphabeaver
Alpha Boa - (6k pts) /buy alphaboa
Alpha Brachiosaurus - (6k pts) /buy pfalphabrachy
Alpha Bronto - (6k pts) /buy pfalphabronto
Alpha Carno - (6k pts) /buy alphacarno
Alpha Chalicotherium - (6k pts) /buy alphachalico
Alpha Daeodon - (6k pts) /buy alphadaeodon
Alpha Dilo - (6k pts) /buy alphadilo
Alpha Dimorph - (6k pts) /buy alphadimorph
Alpha Direbear - (6k pts) /buy alphabear
Alpha Direwolf - (6k pts) /buy alphawolf
Alpha Dodo - (6k pts) /buy alphadodo
Alpha Doedic - (6k pts) /buy alphadoed
Alpha Equus - (6k pts) /buy alphahorse
Alpha Giga - (10k pts) /buy alphagiga
Alpha Gigantopithecus - (6k pts) /buy alphabigfoot
Alpha Griffin - (6k pts) /buy alphagriffin
Alpha Hesperornis - (6k pts) /buy pfalphahesp
Alpha Hyaenodon - (6k pts) /buy alphahyena
Alpha Iguanodon - (6k pts) /buy alphaiguanodon
Alpha Indom - (10k pts) /buy pfalphaindom
Alpha Kaprosuchus - (6k pts) /buy alphakapro
Alpha Kentrosaurus - (6k pts) /buy alphakentro
Alpha Mammoth - (6k pts) /buy alphamammoth
Alpha Megalania - (6k pts) /buy alphamegalania
Alpha Megaloceros - (6kpts) /buy alphamoose
Alpha Megalosaurus - (6k pts) /buy alphamegalosaurus
Alpha Megatherium - (6k pts) /buy alphamegatherium
Alpha Onyc - (6k pts) /buy alphaonyc
Alpha Otter - (6k pts) /buy alphaotter
Alpha Paracer - (6k pts) /buy pfalphaparacer
Alpha Parasaur - (6k pts) /buy pfalphapara
Alpha Pegomastax - (6kpts) /buy pfalphapego
Alpha Pteranodon - (6k pts) /buy alphaptera
Alpha Purlovia - (6k pts) /buy alphapurlovia
Alpha Quetzal - (6k pts) /buy alphaquetz
Alpha Raptor - (6k pts) /buy alpharaptor
Alpha Rex - (10 pts) /buy alpharex
Alpha Rhino - (6k pts) /buy alpharhino
Alpha Saber - (6k pts) /buy alphasaber
Alpha Sarco - (6k pts) /buy alphasarco
Alpha Scorpion - (6k pts) /buy alphascorpion
Alpha Spider - (6k pts) /buy pfalphaspider
Alpha Spino - (6k pts) /buy alphaspino
Alpha Stego - (6k pts) /buy alphastego
Alpha Stygimoloch - (6k pts) /buy pfalphastyg
Alpha Styracosaurus - (6kpts) /buy pfalphastyra
Alpha Tapejara - (6kpts) /buy alphatapejara
Alpha Terrorbird - (6k pts) /buy alphaterrorbird
Alpha Therizinosaurus - (6k pts) /buy alphatheri
Alpha Thylacoleo - (6kpts) /buy alphathyla
Alpha Toad - (6k pts) /buy alphafrog
Alpha Trike - (6k pts) /buy alphatrike
Alpha Troodon - (6k pts) /buy alphatroodon
Alpha Wyvern, Fire - (10k pts) /buy alphafirewyvern
Alpha Wyvern, Lightning - (10k pts) /buy alphalightningwyvern
Alpha Wyvern, Poison - (10k pts) /buy alphapoisonwyvern
Alpha Yutyrannus - (6k pts) /buy alphayuty

Alpha Basilosaurus - (6k pts) /buy alphabasilo
Alpha Ichthy - (6k pts) /buy alphaichthy
Alpha Liopleurodon - (6k pts) /buy pfalphaliop
Alpha Megalodon - (6k pts) /buy alphashark
Alpha Mosasaurus - (6k pts) /buy alphamosa
Alpha Plesiosaur - (6k pts) /buy alphaplesi
Alpha Tusoteuthis - (6k pts) /buy alphasquid

Alpha Camelsaurus - (6k pts) /buy alphacamel
Alpha Mantis - (6k pts) /buy alphamantis
Alpha Phoenix - (10k pts) /buy alphaphoenix
Alpha Thorny Dragon - (6k pts) /buy alphathornydragon

Alpha Basilisk - (10k pts) /buy alphabasilisk
Alpha Bulbdog - (6kpts) /buy alphapug
Alpha Bulbdog (Rideable) - (8k pts) /buy pfalphapugr
Alpha Featherlight - (6k pts) /buy alphafeatherlight
Alpha Featherlight (Rideable) - (6k pts) /buy pfalphafeatherlightr
Alpha Glowtail - (6k pts) /buy alphaglowtail
Alpha Glowtail (Rideable) - (6k pts) /buy pfalphaglowtailr
Alpha Karkinos - (6k pts) /buy alphacrab
Alpha Nameless - (6k pts) /buy alphanameless
Alpha Ravager - (6k pts) /buy alpharavager
Alpha Reaper King - (10k pts) /buy alphareaperking
Alpha Reaper Queen - (10k pts) /buy pfalphareaperqueen
Alpha Rock Drake - (6kpts) /buy alpharockdrake
Alpha Roll Rat - (6kpts) /buy alpharollrat
Alpha Seeker - (6k pts) /buy pfalphaseeker
Alpha Shinehorn - (6k pts) /buy alphashine
Alpha Shinehorn (Rideable) - (6k pts) /buy pfalphashiner

Alpha Defender - (10k pts) /buy pfalphadef
Alpha Enforcer - (10k pts) /buy pfalphaenf
Alpha Gacha - (10k pts) /buy pfalphagacha
Alpha Gasbag - (6k pts) /buy pfalphagasbag
Alpha Managarmr - (6k pts) /buy pfalphamana
Alpha Owl - (6k pts) /buy pfalphaowl
Alpha Velonasaur - (6k pts) /buy pfalphavelona

Apex Allosaurus - (10k pts) /buy apexallo
Apex Argentavis - (10k pts) /buy apexargy
Apex Baryonyx - (10k pts) /buy apexbary
Apex Carno - (10k pts) /buy apexcarno
Apex Chalicotherium - (10k pts) /buy apexchalico
Apex Daeodon - (10k pts) /buy apexdaeodon
Apex Dilo - (10k pts) /buy pfapexdilo
Apex Dire Bear - (10k pts) /buy apexbear
Apex Direwolf - (10k pts) /buy pfapexwolf
Apex Giganotosaurus - (10k pts) /buy apexgiga
Apex Griffin - (10k pts) /buy apexgriff
Apex Hyaenodon - (10k pts) /buy pfapexhyaeno
Apex Indom - (10k pts) /buy pfapexindom
Apex Kaprosuchus - (10k pts) /buy apexkapro
Apex Kentrosaurus - (10k pts) /buy pfapexkentro
Apex Megalosaurus - (10k pts) /buy apexmegal
Apex Purlovia - (10k pts) /buy pfapexpurlovia
Apex Raptor - (10k pts) /buy apexraptor
Apex Rex - (10k pts) /buy apexrex
Apex Saber - (10k pts) /buy apexsaber
Apex Sarco - (10k pts) /buy apexsarco
Apex Scorpion - (10kpts) /buy pfapexscorpion
Apex Spinosaurus - (10k pts) /buy apexspino
Apex Terror Bird - (10k pts) /buy apexterror
Apex Therizinosaurus - (10kpts) /buy apextheri
Apex Thylacoleo - (10k pts) /buy apexthyla
Apex Wyvern, Fire - (10k pts) /buy apexfirewyv
Apex Wyvern, Lightning - (10k pts) /buy pfapexlightwyv
Apex Wyvern, Poison - (10k pts) /buy pfapexpoisonwyv
Apex Yutyrannus - (10k pts) /buy apexyuty

Apex Basilosaurus - (10k pts) /buy apexbasilo
Apex Liopleurodon - (10k pts) /buy pfapexliop
Apex Megalodon - (10k pts) /buy apexmegad
Apex Mosasaurus - (10k pts) /buy apexmosa
Apex Plesiosaur - (10k pts) /buy apexplesi
Apex Tusoteuthis - (10k pts) /buy apextuso

Apex Phoenix - (10k pts) /buy apexphoenix
Apex Thorny Dragon - (10k pts) /buy apexthorny

Apex Basilisk - (10k pts) /buy apexbasilisk
Apex Karkinos - (10k pts) /buy apexcrab
Apex Ravager - (10k pts) /buy pfapexravager
Apex Reaper King - (10k pts) /buy apexreaperking
Apex Reaper Queen - (10k pts) DOES NOT CURRENTLY WORK
Apex Rock Drake - (10k pts) /buy apexrockdrake
Apex Seeker - (10kpts) /buy pfapexseeker

Apex Defender - (10k pts) /buy pfapexdef
Apex Enforcer - (10k pts) /buy pfapexenf
Apex Managarmr - (10k pts) /buy pfapexmana
Apex Owl - (10k pts) /buy pfapexowl
Apex Velonasaur - (10k pts) /buy pfapexvelona


Fabled Anky - (10k pts) /buy fabledanky
Fabled Argentavis - (10k pts) /buy fabledargent
Fabled Beaver - (10k pts) /buy fabledbeaver
Fabled Brachiosaurus - (10k pts) /buy pffabledbrachio
Fabled Bronto - (10k pts) /buy pffabledbronto
Fabled Doedic - (10k pts) /buy fableddoed
Fabled Equus - (10k pts) /buy fabledhorse
Fabled Giganto - (10k pts) /buy fabledbigfoot
Fabled Grifficorn - (10k pts) /buy fabledgrifficorn
Fabled Mammoth - (10k pts) /buy fabledmammoth
Fabled Megaloceros - (10k pts) /buy fabledmoose
Fabled Paracer - (10k pts) /buy pffabledparacer
Fabled Ptera - (10k pts) /buy fabledptera
Fabled Quetz - (10k pts) /buy fabledquetz
Fabled Stego - (10k pts) /buy fabledstego
Fabled Stygimoloch - (10k pts) /buy pffabledstyg
Fabled Styracosaurus - (10k pts) /buy pffabledstyra
Fabled Tapejara - (10k pts) /buy fabledtapejara
Fabled Toad - (10k pts) /buy fabledfrog
Fabled Trike - (10k pts) /buy fabledtrike
Fabled Unicorn - (10k pts) /buy fabledunicorn

Fabled Dolphin - (10k pts) /buy pffableddolphin

Fabled Jerboa - (10k pts) /buy pffabledjerboa
Fabled Jerboa Mother - (10k pts) /buy fabledjerboamom
Fabled Mantis - (10k pts) /buy fabledmantis
Fabled Camelsaurus - (10k pts) /buy fabledcamel
Fabled Rock Golem - (10k pts) /buy fabledgolem

Fabled Bulbdog - (10k pts) /buy pffabledpug
Fabled Featherlight - (10k pts) /buy pffabledfeather
Fabled Glowtail - (10k pts) /buy pffabledglowtail
Fabled Roll Rat - (10k pts) /buy fabledrollrat
Fabled Shinehorn - (10k pts) /buy fabledshinehorn

Fabled Gacha - (10k pts) /buy pffabledgacha
Fabled Gasbag - (10k pts) /buy pffabledgasbag
Fabled Owl - (10k pts) /buy pffabledowl

Malin Ptera - (10k pts) /buy pfmalinptera
Malin Unicorn - (10k pts) /buy pfmalinuni


-Alpha Saddles-
/buy alphaallosaddle = 1500
/buy alphaankysaddle = 1500
/buy alphaargentsaddle = 1500
/buy alphaarthrosaddle = 1500
/buy alphabarysaddle = 1500
/buy alphabasilosaddle = 1500
/buy alphabeaversaddle = 1500
/buy alphacamelsaddle = 1500
/buy alphacarnosaddle = 1500
/buy alphachalicosaddle = 1500
/buy alphadaeodonsaddle = 1500
/buy alphabearsaddle = 1500
/buy alphadoedsaddle = 1500
/buy alphadolphinsaddle = 1500
/buy alphahorsesaddle = 1500
/buy alphagigasaddle = 1500
/buy alphagriffinsaddle = 1500
/buy alphaiguanodonsaddle = 1500
/buy alphakaprosaddle = 1500
/buy alphamammothsaddle = 1500
/buy alphamantissaddle = 1500
/buy alphasharksaddle = 1500
/buy alphamegatheriumsaddle = 1500
/buy alphamosasaddle = 1500
/buy alphaplesisaddle = 1500
/buy alphapterasaddle = 1500
/buy alphaquetzsaddle = 1500
/buy alpharaptorsaddle = 1500
/buy alpharexsaddle = 1500
/buy alpharhinosaddle = 1500
/buy alphasabersaddle = 1500
/buy alphasarcosaddle = 1500
/buy alphascorpionsaddle = 1500
/buy alphaspidersaddle = 1500
/buy alphalizardsaddle = 1500
/buy alphaspinosaddle = 1500
/buy alphamoosesaddle = 1500
/buy alphastegosaddle = 1500
/buy alphatapejarasaddle = 1500
/buy alphaterrorbirdsaddle = 1500
/buy alphatherizinosaddle = 1500
/buy alphathylasaddle = 1500
/buy alphafrogsaddle = 1500
/buy alphatrikesaddle = 1500
/buy alphasquidsaddle = 1500
/buy alphayutysaddle = 1500
/buy alphaphoenixsaddle = 1500
/buy alphaparasaddle = 1500
/buy alphamegalosaurussaddle = 1500
/buy alphacrabsaddle = 1500
/buy alpharollratsaddle = 1500
/buy alpharockdrakesaddle = 1500
/buy alphareapersaddle = 1500


-Apex Saddles-
/buy apexallosaddle = 1500
/buy apexargentsaddle = 1500
/buy apexbarysaddle = 1500
/buy apexbasilosaddle = 3000
/buy apexcarnosaddle = 1500
/buy apexchalicosaddle = 1500
/buy apexdaeodonsaddle = 1500
/buy apexbearsaddle = 1500
/buy apexfirewyvsaddle = 1500
/buy apexgigasaddle = 1500
/buy apexgriffinsaddle = 1500
/buy apexkaprosaddle = 1500
/buy apexsharksaddle = 1500
/buy apexmosasaddle = 1500
/buy apexplesisaddle = 1500
/buy apexraptorsaddle = 1500
/buy apexrexsaddle = 1500
/buy apexsabersaddle = 1500
/buy apexsarcosaddle = 1500
/buy apexscorpionsaddle = 1500
/buy apexlizardsaddle = 1500
/buy apexspinosaddle = 1500
/buy apexterrorbirdsaddle = 1500
/buy apextherizinosaddle = 1500
/buy apexthylasaddle = 1500
/buy apexsquidsaddle = 1500
/buy apexyutysaddle = 1500
/buy apexphoenixsaddle = 1500
/buy apexmegalosaurussaddle = 1500
/buy apexcrabsaddle = 1500
/buy apexrockdrakesaddle = 1500
/buy apexreapersaddle = 1500
/buy apexbasilisksaddle = 1500


-Fabled Saddles-
/buy fabankysaddle = 1500
/buy fabargentsaddle = 1500
/buy fabbeaversaddle = 1500
/buy fabcamelsaddle = 1500
/buy fabdoedsaddle = 1500
/buy fabdolphinsaddle = 1500
/buy fabhorsesaddle = 1500
/buy fabmammothsaddle = 1500
/buy fabmantissaddle = 1500
/buy fabpterasaddle = 1500
/buy fabquetzsaddle = 1500
/buy fabquetzplatsaddle = 1500
/buy fabgolemsaddle = 1500
/buy fabmoosesaddle = 1500
/buy fabstegosaddle = 1500
/buy fabtapejarasaddle = 1500
/buy fabfrogsaddle = 1500
/buy fabtrikesaddle = 1500
/buy fabunicornsaddle = 1500
/buy fabgrifficornsaddle = 1500
/buy fabrollratsaddle = 1500


-Celestial Saddles-
/buy celargentsaddle = 1500
/buy celgriffinsaddle = 1500
/buy celrexteksaddle = 4000
/buy celrexsaddle = 1500
/buy celspinosaddle = 1500
/buy celwyvernsaddle = 1500
/buy celyutysaddle = 1500
/buy celthylasaddle = 1500
/buy celrockdrakesaddle = 1500
/buy celrockdraketeksaddle = 1500
/buy celallosaddle = 1500


-Demonic Saddles-
/buy evildaeodonsaddle = 1500
/buy evilhorsesaddle = 1500
/buy evilmegatheriumsaddle = 1500
/buy evilmonkeysaddle = 1500
/buy evilhyenasaddle = 1500
/buy evilsheepsaddle = 1500
/buy evilreapersaddle = 1500



  Prime Ant - (1.5k pts) /buy ecprimeant
  Prime Archa - (1.5k pts) /buy ecprimearcha
  Prime Bee - (2k pts) /buy ecprimebee
  Prime Dodo - (1.5k pts) /buy ecprimedodo
  Prime Dung - (1.5k pts) /buy ecprimedung
  Prime Shinehorn - (2.5k pts) /buy ecprimeshinehorn
  Prime Featherlight - (2.5k pts) /buy ecprimefeatherlight
  Prime Achatina - (2k pts) /buy ecprimesnail
  Prime Otter - (2k pts) /buy ecprimeotter
  Prime Jerboa - (1.5k pts) /buy ecprimejerboa
  Prime Lobster - (1.5k pts) /buy ecprimelobster
  Prime Monkey - (1.5k pts) /buy ecprimemonkey
  Prime Vulture - (1.5k pts) /buy ecprimevulture
  Prime Troodon - (2k pts) /buy ecprimetroodon
  Prime Snake - (7k pts) /buy ecprimesnake
  Prime Microraptor - (1.5k pts) /buy ecprimemicro

  Fire Scourge - (4k pts) /buy firescourge
  Poison Scourge - (4k pts) /buy poisonscourge
  Lightning Scourge - (4k pts) /buy lightningscourge
  LightRexy - (4.5k pts) /buy lightrexy
  FireRexy - (4.5k pts) /buy firerexy
  PoisonRexy - (4.5k pts) /buy poisrexy

  Alpha Carno - (5k pts) /buy ecalphacarno
  Alpha Rex - (6k pts) /buy ecalpharex
  Alpha Turtle - (5k pts) /buy ecalphaturtle
  Alpha Griffin - (6.5k pts) /buy ecalphagriff
  Alpha Theri - (6.5k pts) /buy ecalphatheri
  Alpha Mammoth - (5k pts) /buy ecalphamammoth
  Alpha Mantis - (6.5k pts) /buy ecalphamantis
  Alpha Quetz - (5k pts) /buy ecalphaquetz
  Alpha Anky - (4k pts) /buy ecalphaanky
  Alpha DodoRexy - (10k pts) /buy ecalphadodorexy
  Alpha TerrorBird - (4k pts) /buy ecalphaterrorbird
  Alpha Doed - (4k pts) /buy ecalphadoed
  Alpha Megalo - (5k pts) /buy ecalphamegalo
  Alpha Saber - (5k pts) /buy ecalphasaber
  Alpha Ptero - (3.5k pts) /buy ecalphaptero
  Alpha Spino - (5k pts) /buy ecalphaspino
  Alpha Bigfoot - (4k pts) /buy ecalphabigfoot
  Alpha Bear - (4k pts) /buy ecalphabear
  Alpha Thyla - (6k pts) /buy ecalphathyla
  Alpha Trike - (5k pts) /buy ecalphatrike
  Alpha Pig - (6k pts) /buy ecalphapig
  Alpha Rhino - (6k pts) /buy ecalpharhino
  Alpha DireWolf - (5k pts) /buy ecalphawolf
  Alpha Fire Wyvern - (5k pts) /buy ecalphawyvernfire
  Alpha Lightning Wyvern - (5k pts) /buy ecalphawyvernlight
  Alpha Poison Wyvern - (5k pts) /buy ecalphawyvernpois
  Alpha Ice Wyvern - (5k pts) /buy ecalphawyvernice
  Alpha Allo - (4k pts) /buy ecalphaallo
  Alpha Ravager - (4k pts) /buy ecalpharavager
  Alpha RockDrake - (7k pts) /buy ecalphadrake
  Alpha Karkinos - (6k pts) /buy ecalphacrab
  Alpha Basilisk - (6k pts) /buy ecalphabasilisk
  Alpha Tusoteuthis (Water) - (7k pts)
/buy ecalphatuso
  Alpha Dunky (Water) - (5k pts) /buy ecalphadunk
  Alpha Shark (Water) - (6k pts) /buy ecalphashark
  Alpha Plesiosaur (Water) - (6k pts) /buy ecalphaplesi
  Alpha Mosa (Water) - (7k pts) /buy ecalphamosa


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