Reply To: Chaos Gaming Unban Request Template



Your in-game name: Cyklon

Your Steam ID: 76561198063254157

Date you were banned on: 26/09/2018

Duration of ban: IDK (i think it is perm)

Admin who banned you (Name / Steam Name/ Steam ID): Deucalion

Reason you were banned for: Rule 18. Do not steal Tames or Supply Drops from players.

Explain the situation you were banned for and your side of the story IN DETAIL: So i heard that i get 3 warnings before i get banned. I dont remember what i have done for 1st and 2nd time because I didnt get that warnings. I suppose it could happened when I started playing on this server and didn’t know all of rules (poor explanation, but I do not know what that warnings could have been about). On 3rd time when i argued with Tora about chaos mega i undestood Deucalion warning, I hearkened to dont do more such things and always message on chat when I am taming dino from public info. 4th time I killed origin argi that one of players from server saw and announced this on chat. I said I will come to kill. I teleported my dinos and started to killing it. This dino is rly dangerous so I had to heal myself and my dino. I didnt notice what Tora was saying on chat that he was 1st here, so when I killed argi I proposed that i can summon him this boss. He did not say anything except that he recorded me and will report this. He didnt want a peaceful solution (you can find this dialogue on ark chat).


Do you think your ban was justified: In part.

Why should you be unbanned: I like this server. I didnt want to make any trouble.

Any kind of proof (Optional) : Ark chat

Anything else you wish to add (Optional):