Chaos Gaming Unban Request Template

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    Your in-game name:

    Your Steam ID:

    Date you were banned on:

    Duration of ban:

    Admin who banned you (Name / Steam Name/ Steam ID):

    Reason you were banned for:

    Explain the situation you were banned for and your side of the story IN DETAIL:

    Do you think your ban was justified:

    Why should you be unbanned:

    Any kind of proof (Optional) :

    Anything else you wish to add (Optional):



    Your in-game name: Cyklon

    Your Steam ID: 76561198063254157

    Date you were banned on: 26/09/2018

    Duration of ban: IDK (i think it is perm)

    Admin who banned you (Name / Steam Name/ Steam ID): Deucalion

    Reason you were banned for: Rule 18. Do not steal Tames or Supply Drops from players.

    Explain the situation you were banned for and your side of the story IN DETAIL: So i heard that i get 3 warnings before i get banned. I dont remember what i have done for 1st and 2nd time because I didnt get that warnings. I suppose it could happened when I started playing on this server and didn’t know all of rules (poor explanation, but I do not know what that warnings could have been about). On 3rd time when i argued with Tora about chaos mega i undestood Deucalion warning, I hearkened to dont do more such things and always message on chat when I am taming dino from public info. 4th time I killed origin argi that one of players from server saw and announced this on chat. I said I will come to kill. I teleported my dinos and started to killing it. This dino is rly dangerous so I had to heal myself and my dino. I didnt notice what Tora was saying on chat that he was 1st here, so when I killed argi I proposed that i can summon him this boss. He did not say anything except that he recorded me and will report this. He didnt want a peaceful solution (you can find this dialogue on ark chat).


    Do you think your ban was justified: In part.

    Why should you be unbanned: I like this server. I didnt want to make any trouble.

    Any kind of proof (Optional) : Ark chat

    Anything else you wish to add (Optional):



    Hello, Cyklon and tribe of Method.

    After careful and thorough review of you and your tribe’s violations of rules 1 and 18 we have decided to reinstate your access to our Ark servers. We had a few reports of trolling by you as well that had not ever been publically reported or publically warned about. Please know that some of these reports we get sometimes stay un-punished until there is a greater rule violation at which time they become part of the case to dole out punishments. Please be aware that you and your tribe are now allowed to play on our servers as a good grace by our admin team and you will be on thin ice. Any evidence proving any further violations of ANY rules will be answered with a direct and immediate ban. This will also come with an entire deletion of the tribe, dinos, and structures attached to said tribe. Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy your gameplay on our servers.


    P.S.: Be careful with those boss dinos and going around the map nuking areas. There could be a fellow player down there with a knocked out dino trying to tame it. If they report you it will be game over for you and your tribe. A member of our admin team watched player Cyklon for about an hour yesterday going around aimlessly nuking things. This behavior is not frowned upon because we all like to destroy shit with our badass end game tames but it can be annoying to other players and be considered trolling. So just play with the simple thought in mind: Do unto others as you would be done unto you.

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