Easy wander for dinos (No traps/post!)


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    So with the new test server mods out, a lot of dinos benefit from wander. They even produce things while you ride them! But it’s such a pain to chase them around or trap them or throw them on the hitching post. But luckily, there is an easier solution!

    Basically, all you do is go into their Behavior, set them to Passive, then set the Target Distance to Lowest. That’s it! Then set them to wander and they will never run off. Also works great for breeding without mashing Whistle Stop.

    Also, if you Soul Trap the dino, their target range gets reset. So make sure you don’t instantly wander them again, they will leave!

    Note, this is something that worked MOST of the time on PS4, a few smaller dinos didn’t work with the method. But so far, all I’ve tried on here has worked. Definitely test before you leave them haha

    And a good thing I did test it! It worked on a chocobo and the behemoth, but not on the jumbo frog! So use at your own risk. It’s still mostly a good solution!

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