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    Overall, I do love it a lot. You did super well. The background is stunning, the font is great. A dark scheme was chosen and it doesn’t burn the eyes, yet the fire applies makes it really pop. Having the fire center behind the forum causes the eyes to not be distracted from the actual content. The layout is just great!

    I do have some ideas though, to make the site work even more together. Firstly, on the “Games” tab, there are two different selections for the Warframe clan. The first one announces that there has been a clan created, and how to join it, while the second one describes the game, has very helpful links, and it discusses the clan and how to join it. I feel that the first Warframe section is not necessary.

    My second thought also retains to the Games tab. While I only play Ark and Warframe, I did look at the rest of the sections, and I noticed a distinct difference in text layout. It almost seems like the job was split between two people. One group is easy to read, they stick to the simple color theme of white and blue, and they have game ratings on them. The other group has their server titles in random colors (Which in a way relate to the background layout, yet none of the other games have their own unique colors), and they are all capitalized. As a writer, I know that looking at a lot of text in pure capitalization can cause some eye sore, making it a bit harder to read than lower case. The ones like this are Rust, Conan, and the first Warframe section. To make the layout more consistent with the others, I would suggest keeping the same theme all across the board! 🙂

    I hope you find this helpful! Great work!



    Great points ScreamPuff thanks for sharing!

    I do agree with the points about Games section, let me see how I can go about fixing it a bit 😉

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