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    Never thought i’d find a community that I wanted to stay and be apart of, god knows I tried a few and they all lacked in comparison to CG.
    If you don’t love this place, I probably don’t like you, just saying. <3

    The names Abe, but most players know me as Sin 🙂
    30yr male
    Avid gamer all my life. Stay at home ‘dog dad’. You could call me a ‘homemaker’. Have 3 dogs. Have a husband. Live in Texas.

    Pros: Love CG (Chaos Gaming), Knowledgeable, Lots of free time, loves dogs, avid gamer

    Cons: Limited patience, dog hair, 30 going on 60, dog hair


    You will usually find me on Ark running around the PvE servers telling players “You can do it!” Not a huge fan of PvP. I play almost anything on PC, some on Xbox too. If you want to play anything, drop me a line, I may say No.

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