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Welcome to the Chaos Organization Page!

Everyone in our Organization can play a role or just casual play with support of the members. You will never have to fight alone in the verse again and as a global organization we are active 24/7. You will not be helpless as you mine, explore, or make a cargo run.
No matter your motivations, be it a drive for success, or a desire for socializing, you will find a home here.

If you are looking for an active organization that takes this game seriously, but has fun doing it, this is the place.

Here at Chaos you are free to play this game any way you want!

  • Be a trader
  • Be an explorer
  • Be a marine
  • Be a mercenary
  • Be a miner
  • Be a pirate

At this point you are wanting to join this most glorious of organizations, so click here:

———— JOIN NOW! ————

Chaos Gaming Discord

408 User(s) Online
  • Setha
  • Marlak
  • GearHead
  • Gh0st
  • AnArgonian
  • Billeh
  • Arclight
  • I'm Old Gregg
  • moka
  • Raven
  • JackelDaEvlPanda

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